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The Digitally Smart Explorer Advanced

Who’s digitally smarter? Grown-ups or kids? Play together and let’s find out.
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Step 1: Scroll to the first question
Step 2: State your answers to each other. Done?
Step 3: Next. Tap on “True or False” to reveal the answer
Step 4: Keep going until you reach the end.
Using a screen before bedtime can keep me awake at night.

True The screen’s blue light can prevent us from getting proper sleep. Better to power off at a reasonable time and continue playing another day.

If I see hateful comments online, that means it’s not a problem and I can do it too.

False Hurting others with our careless words is hateful. Being tactful rules but being hateful? Never.

Sharing my address with my digital buddies is alright if they want to send me stuff in real life.

False Never share private details with strangers, even those you think you know.

A fact or story that comes with pictures can’t possibly be fake.

False Pictures can easily be changed with fancy digital tools, so don’t get fooled!

I can use the same password for years, there’s no problem.

False We should make it a habit to change our passwords at least every six months.

You can share embarrassing pictures of your friends online if it’s funny.

False Mean move alert! Remember, it’s never funny being the joke.

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