The globe made of LEGO, with wind turbines, trees, polar bear and a panda on top

At the LEGO Group, we’re committed to playing our part in helping to build a sustainable future

and through the power of play inspire the children of today to become the builders of tomorrow. Play helps all of us imagine and create a better, brighter world for children to inherit.
LEGO Ideas Tree house in fall colors

LEGO® Ideas Tree house

Since we launched our first bricks made of plant-based polyethylene last year, the sustainable bricks have increasingly been included in new LEGO® sets. The Tree house contains the highest number of sustainable bricks ever in a LEGO set and is another important step to fulfill our sustainability ambitions.
Minifigure children holding the planet

Build the change

Build the Change is an event where we inspire children to use their imagination in a fun, social and environmental context, and where we foster their creativity and promote social interaction. It’s a tool within a framework, but with open ended solutions in a hands-on, minds-on fun experience.

It’s a theme related event e.g. “Build your future school, neighborhood or city” and by doing this we give children a voice.

Minifigure standing together

LEGO® Play Day

In September, more than 17,000 LEGO® employees gather together to celebrate LEGO Play Day. Employees are engaged in hands-on play activities. These have been designed to support and communicate the development of the Five Holistic Skills that children develop through play, and underpin learning for life (creative, physical, social, cognitive and emotional).