LEGO® Toys For Girls

Toys for Girls

Searching for the best gifts for girls for an upcoming birthday, Christmas or special occasion? All LEGO® sets are for girls with something for all ages and every interest. If you are stuck for inspiration, discover some of the best toys for girls here.

Creative toys for girls

Whether it’s stunning wall art, funky storage spaces or even friendly bracelets, find sets that will get kids creating endlessly.

LEGO® Friends Toys for Girls

With complex and diverse characters, kids with all kinds of passions can dive into a world of storytelling with LEGO® Friends.

STEM Toys for Girls

Discover LEGO® sets perfect for girls of all ages who like robots, coding, technology and engineering.

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Toys for Girls

We’ve been delighting young witches and wizards for over 20 years with our magical LEGO® Harry Potter™ sets.

LEGO® Super Mario™ Toys for Girls

These innovative sets are perfect for creative kids seeking endless adventures!

Disney Sets for Girls

From classic fairytales to modern classics, discover LEGO® sets that are sure to bring the magic of Disney into any playtime.

Animal Toys for Girls

From stripy tigers and mysterious sea creatures to ancient dinosaurs and magical dragons, there’s something here for every animal-loving kid.
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