How to make a music video at home

How to make a music video at home

Looking for a fun activity to do with the whole family? Or maybe you have a passion for digital art?

Then it’s time to get behind the camera and make your own music video at home.

Whether you want to try something completely new with the kids – or create a polished masterpiece that has the potential to go viral, it’s all about getting creative and unleashing your inner rock star...or rock stars for that matter. Especially if you a have little dancer on your hands.

Recording a homemade music video, however funny it may be, is something special to look back on once your little ones have grown up. Think of it like those nostalgic home videos your parents used to make back in the day, but with a modern (and far better quality) musical twist.

Every decent music video needs a talented director (yes, that’s you), so recruit an awesome crew to help you out. Or, for even more of a challenge, produce it all yourself and put your creative skills to the test.

Here’s how to make a home music video with your phone...

Choose a song you love

First, find the perfect song.

Do you want the soundtrack of your video to be rock, pop, country, hip-hop? It’s totally up to you, but choose wisely. The song will influence the overall style and direction of your music video.

You can even build your music video around a current online trend. Remember when dancing to Blinding Lights by the Weeknd was a thing?

If you’re using our music video making app, LEGO® VIDIYO™, there’s a whole selection of tracks to choose from thanks to our friends at Universal.

Plus, you can match your favorite genre of music with one of our LEGO VIDIYO sets to unlock cool in-app features to get even more creative and help set the scene. 

For example, if your kids loves K-pop, the K-Pawp Concert set will give you the tools and features to make your own K-Pop concert music video.

Top tip: memorize the lyrics if you’ll be lip syncing.

Set the stage

While a real music video involves an army of stylists, massive sets and luxury offshore locations, you can still create something awesome with just two key things.

A phone camera and an awesome imagination.

Find a spacious well-lit room in your house and clear the space (especially if you’ll be channeling your inner choreographer). Or better yet, film in the garden where you might find better lighting.

Once you’ve found your location, it’s time to set the stage. To give your music video that extra oomph, decorate the room and use props to help tell the story through the set.

Get your band together

Video courtesy of CountessFlexible018

Making your own rules means choosing your own band members and remember, they don’t have to be human.<br>

You only have to watch the music video for Shake by Ne-Yo, L.L.A.M.A and Carmen DeLeon to see that anyone can become a star, even a llama.

Will you need a lead singer? A hardcore guitarist? Or is it a solo show?

Get the whole family involved (pets included) or for some real interactive fun, bring LEGO minifigures to life with magical AR tech on the LEGO VIDIYO app. <br>

On the app, you can unlock cool Bandmates to star in your video like a Robot Break-Dancer and a Punk Pirate. If you’re camera shy, that means you can focus on the filming and directing, without even having to be in it.

Video courtesy of CountessFlexible018

Look like a rock star

You must look the part. In our opinion, the more over-the-top the outfits, the better. And the best part is, your video doesn’t even have to leave your camera roll so dress up as outrageous as you can.

Rockstar wigs. Flares. Style it up however you like.

Once you all look like rock stars, act like one. Let your kids’ personalities shine through in the video.

It’s time to start practicing your best air guitar.

Keep it steady

If you want the music video to look as professional as possible, prop your phone on a tripod to keep your shots nice and stable.

If you don’t have one, that’s no problem. Master the art of hand-held shooting by keeping your phone smooth and steady. Try a few practice ones first. You want to avoid creating super shaky shots. And remember, all the best music videos are filmed in landscape mode.

Decide on who is filming, brief them, practice a few times – and start recording!

Top tip: when filming, consider the head room (which is the space above a person’s head in the shot). Avoiding too much dead space means you’ll have a more aesthetically pleasing video.

Experiment and get creative

Planning your music video can be a fun process. Drafting a quick storyboard is a creative activity to get your child engaged in, plus it’s a great way to plan your shots out one by one.

Then, you know exactly when your kid needs to jump into view – or when to cue an inflatable flying prop. Be as imaginative as you can and encourage your child to come up with out-of-the-box ideas too.

With LEGO VIDIYO BeatBits you can add powerful special effects, dance moves and sounds to elevate your music videos. Just scan the BeatBits with your phone to unlock a whole new world of video making that puts you or your child in the producer’s chair.

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Your journey to the living room might just be your next big break...