LEGO® City: Space

It’s nice to get out of the City every once in a while... Boldly go where several minifigures have gone before, into deepest, darkest space and truly out-of-this-world adventures!

Let’s Make Awesome

Look, it was obviously REALLY tough to convince kids that astronauts are awesome... but we did our best...

Grab onto your next big adventure

All expeditions start with curiosity and creativity. Let’s see where it takes us!

3, 2, 1... Lift off!

Here’s a nifty way to take your kids’ inspiration to the moon and beyond...

That’s one small step for a minifigure...

… One giant leap for kid-kind! Once they pop those space helmets on, there’s no part of the universe their imaginations can’t take them to.

Unknown worlds. Unknown possibilities.

Infinite fun and creativity, in every single brick.
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Let’s go places