What is LEGO® City?

What is LEGO® City?

In the best cities, you never know what’s around the corner. Could be a doctor, fire chief or clown. Perhaps in a helicopter, crane or limo! In LEGO® City, it might just be all of them... It can be whatever you want it to be. Your City, No Limits!

Why Make Normal?

LEGO® City sets don’t ask kids to just recreate the world. They help them to understand, shape and make it into something awesome...
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LEGO® City is so huge, it’s hard to know where to start... until now! Take our fun quiz with your kid to see which area of LEGO City to explore next!

The importance of storytelling for kids

Discover how including storytelling in playtime can be fun and a learning experience!

On your marks…

These two minifigures have decided to go racing around the City’s streets (much to the delight of your kids, we imagine…)

No City is perfect…

Don’t panic… but those daring crooks are pulling a heist from… an ice cream van?! Can they even do that?! They can when their only limit is your kids’ imagination…

Another day over. Now… what’s on tomorrow?

With open-ended sets designed for infinite possibilities, every day throws up new adventures in LEGO® City.

Stay on Track

Kids can explore new places just as fast as they can lay down train tracks.
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