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LEGO® Build Day 2023

All Day to Play. And Nothing Else

Building is better than your post-holiday chores

On December 27th, take out your new set, follow along with our building challenges or build whatever you want and join us for this global holiday tradition.

Let the LEGO® Build Day building commence!

The Pickup Brickathon

Check out one of our LEGO® Build Day challenges. It’s a bit like pick-up sticks but with a building twist.

Step 1:

Pour out a pile of bricks.

Step 2:

Set a timer and race to pick up and put together as many bricks as possible.

Step 3:

Bonus points if what you put together resembles something awesome!

LEGO® Laugh-Off

Another LEGO® Build Day Challenge. Find out who’s the biggest combuildian in the family with this fun-filled game!

Step 1:

Break up into teams. Secretly make 5 silly builds with just them.

Step 2:

Reveal each build to the other team one at a time.

Step 3:

You get a point for every laugh.

Prep for a day of building with downloadable certificates and a scorecard!

Try the Random Idea Generator!
Need ideas? We’ve got hundreds! Fire up the Generator by clicking the button below, and building whatever weird, crazy thing it comes up with!

Got a new LEGO® set for LEGO Build Day?

The LEGO® Builder app is here to guide you on your next building adventure! You’ll be able to rotate and zoom in on your models, and even build together with family and friends!

Wowza! See what other Build Day participants are creating!

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