The Nether Portal Ambush

Small parts.

LEGO® Minecraft® Nether portal gaming toy

This cool toy for kids features a buildable battle scene and an impressive cast of iconic Minecraft® figures.
Creative builds for gamers

Buildable Minecraft® role-play action

Adventures await as an Orc-warrior travels through the Nether portal and appears between the Crimson Forest and Basalt Deltas.

LEGO® Minecraft® The Nether Portal Ambush

Popular Minecraft® figures

Includes an Orc-warrior figure with a custom skin.

A ramming hoglin

The hoglin has a finger-controlled butting head.

A disc-firing ghast

Kids can launch discs from the ghast’s mouth.

Enter a digital world of building

Builders can zoom in, rotate sets in 3D and track progress using the fun, intuitive LEGO® Builder app.

Cool gaming toy for kids

This versatile LEGO® Minecraft® toy makes a great present for any Minecraft player or can be given as a kid’s birthday gift.
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