The Bakery

Choking hazard.
Small parts and small balls.

Minecraft® adventures at the bakery

Minecraft® players can build, bake and battle a Creeper™ in this versatile, activity-packed bakery playset.

Reconfigurable fun for creative kids

Bring the open-ended creativity of Minecraft® into the real world with this hands-on, minds-on playset

Minecraft® The Bakery

Produce the wheat

Grow your wheat supplies on the farm.

Get the milk

You’ve got to catch the goat ready for milking.

Bake the bread and cookies

Join the baker to get creative in the kitchen.

Role-play home-life stories

The busy bakery includes a furnished room.

Battle the Creeper™

Use the diamond sword to defend the bakery and valuable egg.

Rebuild for new adventures

The modular set easily reconfigures for more creative fun.

Familiar Minecraft® characters

This versatile set includes a baker, snow villager, goat and a Creeper™, plus lots of accessories to inspire imaginative play.
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