Last Chance

Jasmine and Mulan’s Adventure

Choking hazard.
Small parts and small balls.

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Fun set featuring Disney’s Jasmine and Mulan

This unique LEGO® | Disney set, full of details from the beloved movies, lets kids recreate their favourite scenes.

A special build to boost kids’ imaginations

Includes 2 mini-doll figures, 2 LEGO® animal figures, a 2-story palace and detailed shrine to inspire kids’ endless play.

Jasmine and Mulan’s Adventure

4 characters for role-play fun

Disney’s Jasmine, Mulan, Khan and Rajah kick-start the play.

2 builds and open-ended fun

Kids can use all the details to spark endless play sessions.

Make magical movie worlds

Kids can create the Agrabah palace and Mulan’s shrine.

Play, learn and grow with a LEGO® | Disney set

This set helps kids develop their creativity and imagination with an interactive digital building guide to boost the fun.

Expand the LEGO® | Disney Princess™ experience

Designed to be an inspiring gift for Disney Princess fans. Combine this set with others to boost play (sets sold separately).
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