Extra DOTS Series 8 – Glitter and Shine

Small parts.

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Endless possibilities for creative expression

This LEGO® DOTS Extra DOTS Series 8 – Glitter and Shine bag helps grow kids’ imagination as they show off their unique style.

Boost design and creative skills with sparkles

115 tiles (including glitter, opalescent, 3D-effect star tiles and 10 decorated tiles out of a possible 16) make designs pop.

Extra DOTS Series 8 – Glitter and Shine

Dot all the things

This sparkly set is a fun way to boost creativity – fast!

Enhance a set, design or style

Tiles can be used with other DOTS sets (sold separately).

Self-expression in a snap

Kids get endless options to make things glitter and shine.

Pets on display

My Pets Bracelet kit (sold separately) expresses a passion.

Fantastic, magical unicorns

Unicorns Forever Bracelet kit (sold separately) adds magic.

More bracelets, more fun

Designer Mega Pack set (sold separately) expands the fun.

Encourage unlimited arts-and-crafts designs

The LEGO® DOTS Extra DOTS kits (sold separately, available at different times) boost kids’ confidence and creative skills.
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