Dolphin and Turtle

Creator 3-in-1Creator 3-in-1
Small parts.

3 supercute sea animal scenes in 1 set

Kids can enjoy exciting underwater fun with this brilliant LEGO® Creator 3in1 Dolphin and Turtle rebuildable playset.

Incredible underwater adventures

Kids can have fun with 3 sea animal scenes: a dolphin and a turtle, a seahorse and a sea snail, and a fish and a crab.

Dolphin and Turtle

Posable models

The Dolphin and Turtle can move their flippers.

Fun at the bottom of the sea

The seahorse and sea snail can play together.

Taking a stand

The fish and crab come with a display stand.

Exciting 3in1 building fun

Kids can enjoy a great experience using the set’s 137 LEGO® bricks to build 3 different sea animal scenes or something new.

Endless sea animal play options

LEGO® fans are spoilt for choice with this brilliant playset and can build up to 6 different animals on the bottom of the sea.
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