Your privacy

Last Modified: February 8, 2024

Why we need information and what we need

When you visit, we collect some information about the computer or device you’re using, including your IP address. We use this information to give you the most relevant online content, including the right version of the website for the country you’re visiting us from.
We may sometimes ask you to tell us your date of birth, gender, country or email address so we can give you other great experiences. If you’re under 16 years old, we’ll ask for your parent’s or guardian’s permission.

We keep your information safe

It’s really important to us that your information is safe. We protect the information you give to us and use secure systems and partners to store your data safely either onside or by using a secure cloud storage service. We only keep the information for as long as we need it to give you a service or for the time it’s legally required to be stored.

We won’t just share your information with anyone

Unless you give us the go-ahead or we are otherwise allowed, we won’t share your information with anyone else for their use. We do share data with the trusted partners who help us run our websites.

We’re happy to tell you what we know

If you ever want to know exactly what information we’ve collected from you or you want us to delete your data from our systems, please contact our LEGO Customer Service team. If you have questions about our privacy policy or wish to make a complaint, please do contact our Data Protection Officer at

Want to know more?

If you wish to read more about your rights when we process your personal information, please read our full privacy policy here.