Best Easter Gifts for Teens 2023

LEGO® Easter 2023


Best Easter Gifts for Teens 2023

Forget about traditional Easter gifts and fill your teen’s Easter baskets with treats made from LEGO® bricks. We’ve lined up all kinds of creative and fun Easter gifts for teens that’ll last beyond the season! Looking for a treat for an adult too? No worries, we have a whole list of Easter gift ideas for adults right here.

LEGO® Daffodils

Brighten up your teen’s day with this happy display of daffodils, perfect for the Easter season. Teens will feel relaxed as they put together the 2 yellow and 2 white flowers and display them any way they like in a vase of their choice.

LEGO® Creator 3in1 – White Rabbit

Create not only 1 Easter build but 3 different ones! Choose between a cute bunny munching on a flower or a carrot, a cockatoo parrot sitting high up in the trees, or dive into the sea to swim alongside a white seal who’s enjoying a fishy snack. Perfect for both play and display all year long.

LEGO® DOTS – Creative Animal Drawer

Teens can put their most precious treasures in this drawer. This is the perfect Easter treat for any animal lover with a creative mind. Your teen can choose between 6 different animals and unfold their creativity as they decorate the drawer with DOTS tiles. They can change the look of it just as often as they change their clothes.

LEGO® Bird’s Nest

Easter means spring, and spring means all living creatures finally wake from their slumber. There’s no better way to celebrate the season than by bringing nature into your teen’s room with this creative display full of customizable details.

LEGO® 4-Stud Storage Brick – Aqua Blue

The time of getting lost in bricks and never being able to find the one piece you desperately need is over. Organize your teen’s LEGO bricks, school supplies or teddies in this handy storage drawer that connects with other LEGO brick drawers for easy storage (or for building a life-sized castle, you decide).

LEGO® Tulips

Let spring move in with your teen. This is the perfect gift to display affection for your teen, plus it’s a great way to brighten up their room with a fresh breath of nature. They’ll love to assemble the three tulips petal by petal and then arrange them in a vase of their choice.

LEGO® Classic – Creative Pastel Fun

Inspire your teens to create a pastel-colored Easter. With this box, they’ll get their hands full of bricks in every color, following some of the included instructions or letting their mind wander and create whatever their imagination dictates.

LEGO® Sunflowers

Sunflowers bring instant cheer and optimism to their surroundings – yes, including moody teenagers. Your kid can build their own model version of this much-loved flower and make a vibrant and eye-catching display in their room.