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LEGO® Toy Trucks get the job done

Trucks may be the coolest thing since the invention of the wheel. Kids as young as 1-1½ love to build and play with trucks. After they master building towers, trucks are a natural next step. All you need is a chassis and four wheels, and your next trucking adventure can begin. For some of us, it never ends – the trucks just get bigger as we grow older! Find toy trucks for every age, building skill and passion – from family trucks or construction to rescue or demolition.
Change everything with a gift

When and where was the first truck made?

The first truck was designed in Germany in the 1890s. It wasn’t very popular at first. In the early 20th century, people in Europe and North America started transporting goods on trucks as a faster alternative to cargo trains. And the rest, as they say, is history! The heavy-duty qualities of trucks inspired manufacturers all over the world to design increasingly versatile vehicles for private and commercial uses. Just imagine what the next generation will do!

What kid doesn’t dream of becoming a truck driver?

What do truck drivers do? Anything you can imagine. From bringing goods across cities or continents to rescuing people in need or taking road trips with the family. And let’s not forget about monster truck racing! It’s the perfect mix of freedom, adventure, and action!

Toy trucks

From construction machines, farm vehicles and diggers to “king of the road” trucks and replicas of real life trucks – find the perfect toy truck for toddlers, juniors and older kids.

Keep On Truckin’

Whether you’re looking for cool toy construction machines, farm vehicles, monster trucks, fire trucks or heavy haulers, you can find a LEGO® toy truck that makes the perfect gift for toddlers, kids or teens.

What makes toy trucks so cool? They get the job done. They’re big, loud, impressive and powerful – and they can scale any terrain and go anywhere! You can save lives with a cool fire truck. You can perform daredevil, gravity-defying stunts in a monster truck. You can haul goods thousands of miles in a big-wheeler. You can cook and serve food from a food truck. You can rescue stranded drivers with your service truck. You can go on missions and explore the Arctic or the jungle and other remote locations where no one has ever been before. The possibilities are endless!

Find the right truck for your next big adventure here.

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