Best LEGO® Toys for 9-Year-Old Girls

Best LEGO® Toys for 9-Year-Old Girls

Whether she’s making new friends, learning new skills, or taking up new hobbies, this is a very exciting stage for your 9-year-old girl. As she becomes more curious about the world around her, it’s important that playtime lets her explore her growing interests.

From Disney castles in enchanted lands to space stations at the edge of the solar system, there are countless exciting adventures to be had in our extensive collection of LEGO® toys for 9-year-old girls.

Wild Safari Animals

Ready to get a little wild? Take playtime to the savanna with the LEGO® Creator 3in1 Wild Safari Animals set.

There’s triple the fun to be had with this 3-in1 toy. The perfect set for 9-year-old girls who love animals, kids can first build a posable giraffe with moving legs, neck, tail, and ears along with a tree and flamingo! The model can then be rebuilt into a lion toy with a colorful butterfly or a gazelle and its calf.

Plus, the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Whether they’re into vehicles, cityscapes, or castles, there’s a model for all interests in our range of LEGO Creator 3in1 sets.

Fantastical Treehouse

Step into the dream world with the LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Fantastical Treehouse!

Imaginations will soar with this awesome LEGO DREAMZzz set. Kids can choose to build the treehouse in party mode with cool hangout areas, or defense mode with stations to protect the heroes from nightmare creatures.

Packed full of fun features, the super-cool dollhouse comes complete with Mrs. Castillo’s kitchen, a living room, and Izzie and Mateo’s bedroom — plus a lookout tower and epic swing.

Also included are 4 minifigures of Mrs. Castillo, Izzie, Mateo, and the Night Hunter, and the set also comes with tons of fun accessories, including a toaster that blasts bagels!

Nook’s Cranny and Rosie’s House 

Calling all Animal Crossing™ fans! Get ready to build LEGO® Animal Crossing™ Nook’s Cranny and Rosie’s House.

The perfect gift for 9-year-old girls who are big fans of the video games, they’ll love the chance to get up close with the Animal Crossing world — even when on a screen break.

Complete with tons of familiar details, kids can swap Bells for fun items from Nook’s Cranny, before hanging out with Rosie in her cozy, customizable home. The toy elements are also fully customizable so kids can create a new look each and every time! 

Princess Enchanted Journey

Take playtime to magical new heights with the LEGO® | Disney Princess Enchanted Journey set!

A great toy for 9-year-old girls with a passion for adventure, they can travel all over the world alongside familiar Disney Princess favorites Cinderella, Jasmine, and Rapunzel.

Designed for unlimited play possibilities, this model features 3 buildable travel scenes, including a hot-air balloon, a magic carpet, and an open-top carriage, plus 3 LEGO | Disney mini-dolls and 2 LEGO animal figures that really bring the set to life.

Even better, once all the exploration is done for the day, the set makes a great display piece in any child’s bedroom!

Heartlake City Community Center

Prepare to meet a whole new group of friends at the LEGO® Friends Heartlake City Community Center!

Kids will love trying out different creative hobbies alongside LEGO Friends characters Paisley, Nova, Zac and the gang with this set. Whether they’re playing games in the chill-out zone, spending time in the music room, or getting crafty in the art studio, there’s so many exciting areas to explore!

Bringing the model to life are 6 mini-dolls, plus Pickle the pet dog, and the set also combines with the LEGO Friends Heartlake City Community Kitchen (sold separately) for even bigger stories.

Pop Star Music Tour Bus

Take your little superstar on the road with the LEGO® Friends Pop Star Music Tour Bus!

Perfect for 9-year-old girls who love all things music, the buildable bus opens at the front, side, and back to reveal epic interior details, including the backstage zone complete with a recording area, beds, and a bathroom.

Designed to encourage hours of musical role-play, a rotating mirror shows exactly how shy Paisley transforms into superstar Ley-La — and friends Olly and Liann are along for the ride too!

To add even more fun, also included are tons of accessories, like an autographed photo, shoulder pads, a keyboard, and a guitar.

Modular Space Station

Launch playtime into orbit with the LEGO® City Modular Space Station!

A great build-and-play set for 9-year-old girls with a passion for space, they get to enjoy a creative building experience before setting off on out-of-this-world adventures.

The set comes complete with an orbiting anchor for docking the 8 room pods, including a workshop, lab, bedroom, kitchen, and biodome. The modules can be switched around so kids can create their perfect space station, and the pods can also be connected to the shuttle to create an awesome space train.

Also included are 6 space crew minifigures, plus a toy spaceship, satellite, and space bike to aid the intergalactic exploration!

Looking for even more LEGO® sets?

On the lookout for even more super-fun sets? Whether you’re buying a gift for a 2-year-old, a 10-year-old, or even a 20-year-old, we’ve got you covered.

From realistic replicas to sets inspired by their favorite movies, there’s something for everyone in our extensive LEGO® collection. All you need to do is open the box, and you’ll find a whole new world of adventure right at your fingertips.