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Why LEGO® NINJAGO® is more than just a show.

If you’re reading this, you probably know LEGO® NINJAGO® as that universe your child can’t seem to stop talking about and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of.

If you’re REALLY clued in, you might know it as a fun TV series filled with cool ninja, characteristic LEGO humor, plenty of action and loads of adventures.

But what if LEGO NINJAGO meant more?

Since its launch over 10 years ago (wow that makes us feel old), NINJAGO has grown into one of our biggest themes ever, thanks in no small part to a commitment to captivating characters and plotlines.

Yet for every moment of those 10 years, the NINJAGO universe has been equally committed to a wider mission. A mission to help kids watching the show unlock their true potential.

In NINJAGO terms, we call this the ‘Journey to Mastery’.

What is the Journey to Mastery?

The Journey to Mastery is one all true Ninja Masters (both those in the show and watching it…) must complete. It requires mastering six virtues – each of which are represented on-screen by the strengths of the TV series’ 6 core cast members.

Kai’s strength is his courage. Nya’s is her curiosity. Cole is balanced, Zane is generous, Lloyd is wise and Jay is honest.

When we ask kids to join us on this Journey to Mastery, we challenge them to master each of these virtues in their everyday lives. To have the courage to believe in themselves like Kai, to be curious enough to always learn new things like Nya, to stay as well-balanced and controlled as Cole, always look to share like Zane, lead from the front like Lloyd and always tell the truth like Jay.

Mastering the 6 virtues is the start of the Journey to Mastery. However, even Ninja Masters know that the Journey never really ends. Rather, it is a path we must continue to walk down and embody in our everyday lives.

How we encourage the Journey

We know what you’re thinking… it all sounds good, but that’s a lot of information for a kid to take on board!

This is where the power of the show’s format comes into play.

Kids learn best and are at their most receptive to new ideas when they’re having fun (an idea backed up by veritable mountains of research on child development, which have guided our company’s approach for nearly a century!)

Tying each of the virtues to the core cast has meant that as fans have been enjoying the ninja’s various escapades and thrilling battles for the last 10 years, they’ve been witnessing the benefits of these virtues in action.

Of course, whenever you want to get valuable life lessons across, it’s important not to come across as preachy. After all, kids can spot a phony far easier than most adults…

A huge part of why kids have been so receptive to the Journey to Mastery, is that it doesn’t ask kids to emulate a particular character. The Journey isn’t about getting kids to be exactly like Lloyd, or Nya, or anyone.

Our viewers understand that the Journey is about fulfilling one’s own potential and trying to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Our efforts are helped by the nature of the show, which has at its heart the martial art of ‘Spinjitzu’, which follows in the well-established tradition of self-improvement that all martial arts promote.

Enter The Dojo

As the show has developed, and as the loyalty of our incredible fans has grown with it, we’ve been able to champion the broader message of the show in other, innovative ways.

As one prominent example, we recently created a virtual ‘Dojo’ experience on NINJAGO.com. Once inside the Dojo, kids are challenged to complete 6 lessons, each led by the 6 main characters, and each highlighting their 6 key virtues.

After reading fun, short comics on the subject of the virtues and watching an introductory video, lessons in the Dojo are completed through short, interactive games which ask kids to put their knowledge of the virtues to the test. The underlying idea is that by encouraging kids to actively practice these virtues, it will be easier to apply them in a real-life setting. Clever, right? We think so too.

Who knows what twists and turns the crazy NINJAGO world will take in its second decade? But one thing is guaranteed to stay the same:

Our commitment to ensuring all our fans fulfil their true potential.