LEGO® Let’s Build Together – #LetsBuildTogether

Let’s Build Together

Play helps children and communities come together at the best of times – and the hardest of times. With #LetsBuildTogether we’re here to help families and fans unite with joyful moments and positive experiences. For families at home we have entertainment and learning content, including daily build challenges and fun LEGO® lessons.
We encourage you to explore, build and share your creations using #LetsBuildTogether.

We’ve got fun stuff for kids of all ages.

LEGO® Freebuild Chronicles™

Get your kid to explore new adventures with their old bricks.

LEGO® DUPLO® Lullabies

Add some fun and magic to nap or nighttime with these lullabies from LEGO Duplo

Add some color to a boring day.

Make something extraordinary today. Download these LEGO coloring and activities pages, grab some crayons or pens and get your creative juices flowing!

Escape into a video call with a friend!

Who says you can’t travel from home? Play around with these LEGO® virtual backgrounds and make your next video call even more fun.

Digital Safety

We’ve always taken kids’ digital safety very seriously indeed. That’s why we get involved in Safer Internet Day. Here’s how we did it this year, with the support of your amazing kids!

Sets you can build as a family

Cargo Train

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Looking for a challenge?

Test your building skills and find something to inspire you.
Find tips that help families play well at home

Learn from the Masters.

Our LEGO® designers are here to share tips and tricks for playing with bricks.

Build something new every day.

All you need are a few bricks and your imagination.
5 ways you can help keep your children safe online

Build your own Brickmate

Just grab a few bricks and add your own twist!

Innovative home learning for every age

Now available for home learning for the first time ever, the award-winning LEGO® Education line is here to help. Building on every child’s natural curiosity and desire to create, LEGO® Education helps young learners explore the world of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) in a fun and engaging way.

Learning begins with playing at home.

Use your time together to spark your child’s development with these fun building activities from the LEGO Foundation. #LetsBuildTogether and learn something new everyday.

Discover the fun of LEGO® apps

Check out our wide selection of free apps for all ages. We have educational DUPLO® games for toddlers and action and racing games for boys and girls. We even have LEGO® Legacy for older kids and grown-ups. Game on!

Download the latest issue now!

You can download the latest issue of the LEGO® Life Magazine right here – full of activities, games, puzzles and fun!