75218 X-Wing Starfighter™

Product and play details for LEGO® Star Wars™

Fly into action with the amazing LEGO® Star Wars 75218 X-Wing Starfighter! Leap Luke Skywalker into the cockpit and load R2-D2 into position behind. Lift the landing gear and zoom into outer space. Push the lever to put the wings into attack mode and fire the stud shooters and spring-loaded shooters! You can even change the tiles to transform Luke's Red Five into Biggs Darklighter's Red Three X-wing!

75218 X-Wing Starfighter™

X-Wing Starfighter™ 75218

This is no ordinary starship. Some say the nimble X-Wing™ is the most iconic rebel Starfighter in the Star Wars™ universe, since Luke Skywalker™ – with the help of his droid, R2-D2™, blew up the Death Star™ behind the controls of one of these in Episode IV: A New Hope! Kids and playful souls will be able to recreate this iconic scene or build out new adventures with this feature-rich Star Wars starship toy.

X-Wing Starfighter™ 75218

  • 730 pieces

  • 2 minifigures

  • 11 x 34 x 30 cm

  • Luke Skywalker™

  • Biggs Darklighter™

  • R2-Q2™

  • R2-D2™

Features enrich playability!

This Rebel starship is packed with features such as retractable landing gear, an opening minifigure cockpit, 2 stud shooters and 4 spring-loaded shooters, space for Luke Skywalker’s astromech droid, R2-D2™, and a new lever-activated cruise/attack mode function.

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The X-Wing Starfighter™ is but one of many starships from the Star Wars™ universe. The dark side and light side alike jump aboard starships to zoom around the galaxy.