Let’s Build Together – 365 Activities
Find inspiration and creative activities for the whole family from the 365 Things To Do With LEGO® Bricks book

On the Dance Floor

A smooth disco dance floor for smooth disco dancers can be made from multicolored tiles. You don’t have to build a dancefloor, though. You could build a stage with a LEGO® version of your favorite band, or even a mini concert hall – build whatever you like!

Strike a Pose!

What do minifigures get up to when they think no one is looking? Why not grab your camera and find out! You can create all kinds of funny and interesting scenes with just one or two minifigures and some everyday household objects – all of which will seem giant-sized to a minifigure!

Build a Brain Teaser

It looks as if the only way to separate these shapes is to break off some of the bricks – but there is a clever way to slide them apart without breaking them or changing their shape. Challenge your friends to see who can solve it in the quickest time!

Create Tower Dudes

See how much character you can squeeze into tiny brick towers. These groups of tower dudes have just enough clues to give away who they are meant to be! Build your own teams of tower dudes – and quiz your friends to see who can name them in the quickest time!

Feed the Frog

Build your fly-firing catapult on its own lily pad so you can try it at different distances from the frog’s mouth. Use your smallest bricks as flies or build your own from other small pieces.

Burger House

This house has lots of layers but only one room! The different colors and shapes look like burger patties, cheese slices and salad, all contained within a sesame seed bun. The domed roof lifts off for easy access to the dining room inside.

Make a Lot with a Little

You don’t need lots of bricks to make this tentacled monster! A few pieces are spaced out to let your imagination fill in the blanks. What else could you build? How about eyes peeping over a wall, or an elephant trunk peeking through trees?

Make the Most of the Weather

Create a weather station to let everyone know whether they should grab shades or snowshoes before they go out! Simply check the forecast, then add the matching part to your model. Come rain or shine, this ever-changing landscape will keep everyone updated on the local weather.

Create a Micro-Scale Space Base

Micro-scale building can make your bricks go a long way – even all the way into space! This rocket and moon buggy are made from just nine pieces each and would easily fit in the palm of your hand.

Perk up Your Pencils

Most pencils are about the same width as a 1x1 LEGO® brick. Both the zebra and the squid have square slots in the bottom that fit the end of a pencil, while the clown uses an upside-down barrel piece. Before you start to build, check the width of your pens and pencils against different LEGO pieces.

Build a Sports Tactic Board

Give your side a sporting advantage with a tactics board built out of LEGO® bricks. Using different-colored bricks to show the positions of the players, your sports team can plan its winning moves and replay its victories!

Go Panning for Gold

Finding one small brick in a sea of big ones can be like panning for gold – slow, but worth it when you uncover the treasure! Making a filter system is a fun way to speed up the process, separating smaller LEGO® parts from larger ones with a little gentle shaking.

Explore the Human Body

There is more going on inside the human body than in the biggest LEGO® creation! Scientists and doctors use anatomic models like this to learn how people work underneath their skin. Build your own and then go online to find out what all the different parts are for!

Play a Game of Crazy Golf

Build as many obstacles as you can and spread them out across a room. Use your fingers to flick a LEGO® ball around the course, or blow it along using a drinking straw. Time how long it takes you to get around the course and then try to beat your record!

Show Your True Colors

How many different-colored parts do you have in your LEGO® collection? It’s probably more than you think! Why not put together a palette showing all the different colors you can find? Ask your friends to do the same, and then compare to find out who has the most colors, and which ones are the rarest.

Build a Reminder Robot

Wouldn’t it be great to have a robot that remembers things for you? This mini messenger may not have his own memory banks, but he will hold on to any important notes you make and pass on the data to anyone who sees him!

Photograph a UFO

Amaze your friends with photos of unidentified flying objects soaring through the sky! Use a transparent antenna or bar to hold a micro-scale model in front of your camera.

From the 365 Things To Do With LEGO® Bricks Book, DK Publishing, published 2016

Play a LEGO® Logo Game

The world is full of logos – on storefronts, billboards and even LEGO® sets! See how many logos you can build from LEGO bricks, and then quiz your friends to see which ones they can name.

Create a Friendly Gnome

Feel like giving a gnome a home? This gnome will look great watching over your potted plants or window boxes. Gnomes are friendly, but they can get up to mischief, so don’t leave them outside or you might find they wander off!

Sort Your LEGO® Bricks

Get your LEGO® collection in order now and you’ll never get stuck searching for that one little piece again! Collect small plastic tubs to store all your different parts. Try organizing parts by shape first of all. Sorting by color can make finding things harder – imagine trying to find a particular yellow piece in a box full of yellow pieces!

Build a Paper Airplane Launcher

Give your paper airplanes an extra boost with a smooth runway and a flick-firing launch mechanism made from LEGO® Technic pieces. Use a small piece of paper to make an airplane and then take it in turns with a friend to use the launcher and see who can make their plane fly the furthest.

Play a Game of Collect the Carrots

Place an odd number of carrots and a few obstacles on your board before you play. Space them out and change their position in between games. Make sure that both players are sitting on the same side of the board as the carrot spinner, so that you both agree which way is up!

Make Shapes Against the Clock

How many different shapes can you make in ten minutes? Try to make a square, a long rectangle, a tall rectangle, a cube, a cone, a pyramid, and even a sphere out of a selection of simple bricks.

Make a Magical Island

Make a fantasy world where nothing stays the same for long! A modular micro-landscape can be easily expanded and rearranged in seconds. Each section is built on bricks with holes, so you can slot them together and pull them apart.

Show some LEGO® Emojis

Hold up LEGO® emojis in photos to show that you are having a great time! They are easy to make and you can even build them with a different expression on either side.

Pick-a-Brick Challenge

How many ways can you use one kind of piece? Choose a piece that you have plenty of, such as a slope brick, and set yourself a 10-minute challenge to use it in three builds.

Impress with a Paperweight

A paperweight makes a great gift for someone with a desk to keep tidy. Not only will it decorate their office, but it will also make them think of you every time they look at it.

Run a LEGO® Relay Race

Feeling energetic? Run a LEGO® relay race! Divide into two teams and see who can build the tallest tower as players take it in turns running between the bricks and their LEGO tower. Run over a short or long distance – depending on how energetic you feel!

Put Together a Puzzle Cube

It might not look like it at first, but these six shapes slot together to make a cube! Copy the shapes exactly as shown and then try to fit them all together without looking at the picture. Time yourself and then see if anyone can beat your record!

Build a Single-Color Scene

Put your building skills to the test by making a model using just one color. Use your favorite shade, or one where you have lots of interestingly shaped pieces. Use natural-looking colors such as grays and browns and the results can look like they have been carved from a single block of stone or wood!

Play a Minifigure Guessing Game

Make a mystery box and play a guessing game with your friends by hiding a minifigure inside. See how quickly they can guess the identity of your chosen minifigure by asking questions that can only be answered with “yes” or “no”!

Race Through the Ruins

Venture deep into the ruins of an ancient city on a quest for the fabled monkey crystal! Race rival explorers to be first to the jewel, and watch out for the booby traps left behind by the long-lost monkey guards. Build a mighty monkey statue to protect the prize, and make the maze as ruined and risky as you can!

Express Yourself in a Funny Face Race

Take a big pile of bricks and build as many funny faces as you can in just five minutes! Keep them small and simple so you have time to make lots of different ones. Get your friends to join in, and you can compare funny faces when the time is up.

Mix up Your Minifigure Transportation

Give your favorite minifigures a twist by mixing them with the most unlikely modes of transportation. Build a spaceship for a sheriff, make a jet ski for a jester, or simply put a spaceman on a horse!

Build Your Dream Job

What do you want to be when you grow up? Make a model of you doing your dream job! You could be a LEGO® builder, a zookeeper, or a very important person in an office in a stylish suit!

Bring the Outdoors In

On a rainy day, bring the outside in with a LEGO® potted plant or a LEGO garden. This LEGO vegetable garden will stay evergreen all year round and never needs to be watered!

Penguin Parade

How many bricks does it take to make a penguin? It can be just three or four! Use a timer and challenge yourself or your friends to make as many different penguins as possible in five minutes.

Make a Pencil Pot

Shiver me timbers – ’tis a pencil pot for a pirate! Build somewhere to stash your stationery... in between drawing treasure maps and writing pirate adventure stories!

Make a Micro Construction Site

There is no job too small for these tiny trucks! Set them up on your messy desk, cluttered floor or unmade bed to show that improvement works are underway – you just haven’t finished them yet!

Stick with a Snail Tape Dispenser

This snail doesn’t leave a sticky trail behind him – it runs out from between his eyes instead! The middle of his shell is a roll of adhesive tape, and the top of his head is a smooth tile for sticking down the end of the roll.
From the 365 Things To Do With LEGO® Bricks Book, DK Publishing, published 2016