How to build a super hero birthday party

How to build a super hero birthday party

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? If you’re playing with DUPLO® bricks it could be anything… so of course it can be a super hero birthday building party for your own preschool super hero! Good guy/bad guy role playing games with friends spark your child’s imagination and let them copy and practice being grown-ups in fun scenarios. So when you team up with fantastic heroes, whose job is to save the world on a daily basis, you know it’s going to be the best birthday party ever.

Be A Superhero

You can build and play games, and of course, every hero and villain needs a secret lair, so those have to be built somewhere too. If your birthday preschooler and their friends want to act out their favorite scenes from their favorite stories, you can also help them build masks or settings for a photo booth or mini movie scene.

Follow the easy instructions to build your own super heroes, and download the free super hero birthday building party kit right here.

Happy Birthday to your super hero!

(For these DUPLO models we used bricks and animals from the LEGO® DUPLO® Super heroes sets.)