Why LEGO® Classic?

Kids have a lot of whimsical and creative ideas

Why do cats have whiskers when helicopters have propellers?

What if cars came with 13 wheels instead of just 4?

  • 01:17
    The Spider and the Cricket

    The Spider and the Cricket

  • LEGO® Classic gives them an opportunity to

    DISCOVER, BUILD and CREATE STORIES on their own!
  • You can take your model apart and rebuild it differently over and over again.

  • Can be used to build almost anything your child dreams up.


  • BIG to SMALL, REALITY to FANTASY, anything is possible

    With over 30 different colors of bricks and tons of special pieces like wheels and eye elements, their only limit on what they can build and create is their imagination. From huge models to tiny, detailed micro-builds, anything is possible!

  • There is NO wrong way to build.

    4-99 years

    Everyone can be a builder