Name: Roberta

From: A town outside Milan, Italy

Favorite toys/games as a kid

I created lots of stories playing with my dolls and plush toys. For example they were my students and I was their teacher.

I also used to roleplay with friends in the garden (when we were not rollerskating). We were architects with big sketch books, journals and notebooks. I lost track of time putting my creations on paper and pretending to be an important professional.

Top tips on how to stay creative

  • Dare to be different. You are unique. We all have different skills, a different point of view and different ways to be creative – that’s what makes each of us interesting and valuable in a team.

  • Do things in different ways than you’re used to. Take a different way home today or cook the dinner differently!

People who inspired you

My grandmother. We made a fabric doll together that meant the world to me. She taught me how to knit and cross-stitch as we watched soap operas!

My granduncles were also highly inspiring. One built racing bicycles in his workshop while his brother is still busy designing ready-made objects. Moreover, one of my uncles introduced me to his passion: comics.

Places that inspired you

The small, dark room in front of our bathroom. It was my cave. I would hide there and pretend I was a spy.

My grandparents’ balcony was my stage. I was a singer or dancer in front of my imaginary audience. I dressed up and put tights on my head as a long braid wig! Without the tights, I wasn’t in the role.

What does creativity mean to you?

Some people think creativity is a gift that some of us didn’t receive. On the contrary, I think we are all creative in different ways and in different activities. It is just a matter of allowing space for our passions and our creative side.

Let new experiences inspire you and be brave and determined to embrace feeling uncomfortable when you won’t be in control of where you’ll end up. That’s completely normal!

Favorite thing to build with six bricks

Funny, unstable creatures!