Name: Jonathan

From: Glasgow, Scotland

Favorite toy as a kid

Pens and pencils. I was good at drawing, so that gave me a good push at creativity. That was the main way I was creative. 

My younger brother and I had a lot of LEGO bricks, so he kept pulling me back into playing. That helped me stay creative.

Top tips on how to stay creative

  • Dare to get messy. It can be a barrier, I know. Don’t worry if things get paint on them. Get down on the floor, lie on your stomach if you can without pain!

  • Set aside the time and space to do something spontaneous. Allow yourself to be out of control, out of the normal.

People who inspired you

My parents both went to art school. They wanted me to have all the creative possibilities, too.

My mum’s father was a graphic designer and my dad’s mum was an artist, a painter. Her parents were quite accomplished artists, too. We have a big Scottish/Glaswegian background in painting. So that heritage has always encouraged me to make art.

Places that inspired you

My grandmother’s house was full of paintings. I think I just always took it for granted, but that place was very inspirational for me.

The sitting room floor. When you lie on your stomach, you see things from a different point of view. That’s a nice place to be creative. Kids have that perspective because they ARE shorter.

What does creativity mean to you?

Adults are creative in one way, kids in another. It depends on what you need to do. Around age 4-5, kids are extremely creative and ambitious. They have a fearlessness, an ability to not expect to fail. It’s another language adults don’t speak anymore. Sometimes the more knowledge of the world you get, the less excitement. But there’s always so much exciting stuff out there. It’s exciting to remember what it was like to see the world as a kid.

Favorite thing to build with six bricks

A Dinosaur. Or a plane.