LEGO® City Police

LEGO® City Police toys

LEGO® City Police construction toys stimulate imaginative open-ended role-play where kids can have fun creating exciting scenarios that depict real city life in a fun and imaginative way. A perfect gift idea for boys and girls aged 4 and up.

Police Helicopter Chase

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Police Station

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Police Monster Truck Heist

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The Robbers Try to Steal the Bank – But Do They?

A daring diamond heist leaves the City in a state of emergency. The 3 billion trillion-dollar gem must be found and the crooks caught. Only one person can save the day. With a few clever contraptions and the right theme music, of course.

Where did those crooks get too?

They went from the living room, through the kitchen and into the playroom! With LEGO® City Police playsets, kids dive into an imaginary world, constructing cool toy vehicles and buildings that set the scene for endless crook-catching adventures!

Action-packed gifts for kids!

LEGO® City playsets make a great Christmas, birthday or any-other-day gift for boys and girls aged 4+ who love creative play.

LEGO® City Police toys for boys and girls

LEGO® City police playsets come with feature-rich buildings, cool vehicles and fun characters that send imaginative play skywards.

Why can’t baddies ever just behave?

No City is crime-free. And with Clara the Criminal and the notorious Snake Rattler on the loose, it’s unlikely yours will be either. At least you get to fly an awesome police helicopter to stop them!

Calling all cars!

It’s more fun being a police officer when you’re driving a cool car. Discover an awesome range of LEGO® City Police cars HERE.

Go directly to jail…

…or grab a donut at the LEGO® City Police Station. A police headquarters built by kids for endless role-play adventures.

Crooks … watch out!

The LEGO® City Police Helicopter is the perfect set for kids with a passion for role play. Comprising a very cool helicopter with spinnable rotors, a speedy water scooter, police officer and crook minifigures, your kids can embark on endless crook-catching adventures.

Sky-high LEGO® action

These high-flying LEGO® City ripcord helicopters have plenty of room for an ace minifigure pilot.

Everyday Heroes

Police officers aren’t the only heroes in LEGO® City. Meet some of the bravest, most courageous and funniest everyday heroes HERE.

Cool police vehicles

To catch a fast crook, kids need a faster machine. Find a rapid range of LEGO® City Police Motorcycles – right HERE.

Playsets that inspire creativity

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Fire Station Headquarters

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Stunt Show Arena

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Stunt Show Truck

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Fire Station Starter Set


Stunt Park

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Stunt Competition

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Demolition Stunt Bike

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Rocket Stunt Bike

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