Exclusive Sneak Preview of the “You Design It – We Make It!” Winner!

Egor Karshiev, the creative mastermind behind the winning “You Design It – We Make It!” model, has been working closely together with LEGO Technic’s Markus Kossmann to get everything ready for production at the LEGO factory in Denmark.

Driven by our desire to bring you this limited edition model as quickly as possible, we have had to make a lot of very rapid design decisions … And we’re proud to say that this is what we’ve come up with:

Being an exclusive box and a model inspired by 60’s 70’s American muscle cars, we wanted to do something really special with the colour scheme. The design team and Egor discussed several different approaches, in the end settling on the dark blue used in LEGO Star Wars models for the main colour, and adding two classic race car styled white stripes as well as a number extra silver metallic elements. The dark blue colour is a LEGO Technic first – just one of the many innovations unique to this model! To complete the overall look, we’ve also added a thin white ring on the rims to provide just the right touch of extra styling.

Truly limited edition
With only 20,000 available worldwide and with every model featuring an individually numbered license plate, this is a fantastic chance to own something both exclusive and unique!

It took some effort, but we’re very pleased to say that we have managed to include Egor’s integration of Power Functions in the internal winch and in the front headlights! The final model features a motorized winch (using a medium motor) and light cable turned on and off by a switch – all adding up to a wealth of Power Functions elements!

So, finally, it’s time to press the big green ‘Go’ button in our factory and in a few weeks the first trucks will leave our warehouse in Billund carrying a very special cargo! Wherever you are in the world, we hope that this exclusive, limited edition model will give you as much pleasure as it has given us!