Digital Building Instructions are a hit: update is out now.

Whether you are new to Technic or an experienced builder, you probably know it’s a slightly more complex building technique compared to LEGO System bricks. And we work hard on the building instructions for every set, so you can have a fun building experience with all the Technic elements and functions.

The first LEGO Digital Building Instructions app for tablets for the 42022 Hot Rod was a huge hit in 2014. We hoped the zoom, interactive 3D options and animations would add a little extra fun and practical help to your building experience. The feedback we keep getting from all of you - from all over the world - seems to confirm that. Thank you! It’s always great to hear from you, and your message is clear: you want MORE MODELS!

We would love nothing more than to give you digital building instructions for ALL our models, right now. But we also want to make sure you always get the best quality, so we are taking one step at a time to get learnings and insights from you as a user, to find the best possible technical solutions along the way. We want every instruction to have:

  • 3D animation and playback
  • Zoom
  • 1:1 scale image of key elements
  • Element overview
  • Ghost view of the model, so you can see which part of the model you’re building
  • …And a video to show you how to use the digital instructions

For this app update, we have selected the main and alternative model instructions for four more models:

  • 42031 Cherry Picker
  • 42032 Compact Tracked Loader
  • 42035 Mining Truck
  • 42036 Street Motorcycle

We have our top experts working on even more digital instructions as I write this. In the meantime, we hope you have fun building with the ones we have out there now. And of course, all models still come with physical building instructions in the box.

You can download all the instructions in one app. If you already have the app with the 42022 instructions, all you have to do is install the update. (Please remember to ask your parents’ permission.)

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Digital Building Instructions contest “Go Build it…Digitally!” You can read all about it here.