Building instructions for a better world

A planet with LEGO minifigures all over it

Children call for action on climate change

We’ve launched ten ‘Building Instructions for a Better World‘, informing leaders what young people think should happen if we’re to tackle the climate crisis and create a more sustainable future. The building instructions underline the responsibility of decision makers to deliver on climate change for those who will be most affected – the next generation.

At COP26 (UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties), key sustainability influencers and decision makers came together in Glasgow to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. We brought the LEGO® building instructions to COP26 to remind leaders to place children at the forefront of discussions.

Joining forces with young people

These ten requests were identified through research with children from across the globe, helping to give young people a greater voice in the debate on climate change. Through the research process children were asked “what three instructions would you give world leaders to protect our planet from climate change?” While not all of these ideas might be seen as realistic in grown-ups’ eyes, within them lie the sparks of inspiration that scientists, policy makers, urban planners, architects and others may need to adapt to help reverse the effects of the climate crisis.

  • Trash can

    Reduce pollution and waste

  • Green tree

    Protect nature

  • a gavel

    Change laws

  • yellow stop sign

    Stop ignoring the problem: do more

  • A LEGO built book with white pages

    Educate people

  • a factory with a chimney

    Reduce emissions

  • The planet built in LEGO bricks

    Cooperate internationally

  • Two LEGO minifigures in suits

    Leaders, change your own behavior

  • Treasure chest filled with money

    Invest in the environment

  • Two children minifigures

    Help people and future generations

Download the Building Instructions for a Better World