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EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery

Average rating3.6out of 5 stars
Choking Hazard.
Small parts.

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The lithium ion EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery is designed for use with the EV3 Intelligent Brick and features a capacity of 2050 mAh. It provides longer run time than AA batteries and can be charged without taking the model apart. The battery is included in the EV3 Education Core Set and has a charge time of around three to four hours. It requires the 45517 DC Charger, which is the same charger as used for the rechargeable NXT DC Battery. These are sold separately.

Building Instructions
EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery
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Overall RatingAverage rating3.6out of 5 stars
(10 Reviews)
60% would recommend this product.


Overall Experience

Play ExperienceAverage rating3.6out of 5 stars
Level of DifficultyAverage rating1.8out of 5 stars
Value for MoneyAverage rating2.9out of 5 stars
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  • April 12th, 2017
    Average rating4out of 5 stars
    EV3 battery
    | 55-64
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    Purchased for: Self
    A fraction on the expensive side, but in the long run worth it. There is an annoying feature in the EV3Mindstorms sets, the ease of changing batteries in built models / robots. In a lot of cases you need to dismantle part of the model to change the batteries and in some cases this can be difficult and includes unplugging sensor cables around parts. The rechargeable battery helps with this problem, but is not the whole solution because in accessing the recharge socket you can still need to pull out sensor cables or move a part to get at the battery socket. Perhaps a right angle power plug on the recharging transformer cable would help in most cases. Alternatively a short adapter cable approx 2 inches long that stays in place on the rechargeable battery, (optional feature ), that way it would be a simple matter to plug in the recharging cable from the transformer without trying to get around the robots cables and parts. Plug and socket extension cable would remain on a robot where it is difficult to access the battery recharging socket due to the robots compact and complex construction.
    Value for MoneyAverage rating4out of 5 stars
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    45EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery
  • June 9th, 2014
    Average rating2out of 5 stars
    Expected better from Lego
    Purchased for: Self
    Really disappointed with this purchase, for the cost I would have expected it to at least come with a power cord. Granted looking back at the description it does say it required the charging cable sold separately but really it seems a bit ridiculous to sell the battery pack without the charger. So in reality the chargeable DC battery pack costs more than what is listed. So now I'll need to order the charging cable and wait for it to arrive before I can use the battery pack. I expect better from Lego.
    Play ExperienceAverage rating1out of 5 stars
    Value for MoneyAverage rating1out of 5 stars
    Building Experience: Advanced LEGO builder
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    25EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery
  • February 9th, 2021
    Average rating5out of 5 stars
    Charger Not an Issue!
    | 55-64
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    Purchased for: Grandson
    No need to buy the expensive charger! I have successfully used both a 9 volt and a 12 volt power supply to recharge the battery. My research indicated that the battery pack contains an MP26123 monolithic DC-DC stepdown switching charger, so the exact voltage is not critical. Nine and twelve volt power bricks are very easy to find, and are also inexpensive. I wouldn't recommend going below 9 or above 12 volts.
    Play ExperienceAverage rating5out of 5 stars
    Level of DifficultyAverage rating2out of 5 stars
    Value for MoneyAverage rating4out of 5 stars
    Building Experience: Intermediate LEGO builder
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    55EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery
  • November 26th, 2020
    Average rating1out of 5 stars
    Lacks Charging Cable
    | 45-54
    Purchased for: Son
    This rechargable battery pack does not ship with a charging cable of any sort. The battery pack is useless without at $32 charging cable, which is not standard. (We have just about every cable imaginable to charge batteries to phones) We purchased this for our child a year ago. It sat unused for all of this time because there was no way to charge it. We purchased a charger on Amazon for 1/5 the price.

    Response from LEGO SHOP

    30 November 2020
    Manouk, Customer Service
    We're sorry to hear you were disappointed with your purchase! As mentioned on the product page, the charging cord (45517 DC Charger) is sold separately. We've done this to give fans a bit more flexibility with their purchases. For example, If you want to buy multiple batteries, you'll only need one charger cord. Or if you lose your cord, you're able to replace it without having to buy a whole new battery.
    Level of DifficultyAverage rating5out of 5 stars
    Building Experience: Expert LEGO builder
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    15EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery