• See if you can answer these questions. Which two Ninja have recalled their elemental dragons?

  • Correct! Cole and Jay have taken to the air to defeat the Sky Pirates.

  • Kai is pursuing a Sky Pirate Flyer…which vehicle has he chosen?

  • That’s right, Kai has made an unusual but effective choice to take on a flying threat!

  • Nya the Water Ninja is on Tiger Widow Island in search of the venom she needs…how many legs does the deadly Tiger Widow have?

  • That’s right, Tiger Widow is a giant spider and like all spiders she has EIGHT legs.

  • The Sky Pirates have many different types of flying machines…what kind of aircraft is their Raid Zeppelin?

  • Correct! The Pirates are using an airship.

  • Misfortune’s Keep is a formidable enemy…what vehicle has Lloyd used to try and board the Pirate vessel?

  • Yes! Lloyd uses his Booster Jet to lower Jay onto the Pirate vessel’s deck.