Ninjago Quiz -


  • After escaping the Cursed Realm, Morro stole Wu’s staff because it was inscribed with three hidden symbols…why were they important?

  • Correct! Within the tomb was the Realm Crystal which could open portals to 16 different worlds!

  • Morro wanted to find the Realm Crystal and use it to release his new master, the ruler of the Cursed Realm itself! What was she called?

  • Correct. In fact, the Preeminent wasn’t just the ruler of the Cursed Realm…she WAS the Cursed Realm!

  • With Lloyd possessed by ghosts, the Ninja were shorthanded, but there was a descendant of an original Elemental Master who had yet to find their true potential…who?

  • Right. Nya discovered her mother was the Ninja of Water, so she too could have the power!

  • The Ninja had to learn the lost art of “Airjitzu” with the ghost of Sensei Yang in his haunted temple…but what was the catch?

  • Yes, the Ninja had to train all night to get the scroll of Airjitzu from Sensei Yang. They all made it out…except Cole! He became a ghost.

  • The next stop was the Cloud Kingdom to meet the writers of destiny…but what were the Ninja looking for?

  • Yes. With the Sword of Sanctuary they would be able to pass through the traps and other dangers in the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master.

  • Ronin betrays the Ninja and gives the Sword of Sanctuary to Morro! But why?

  • Right, but when he realized that the ghosts wanted the Ninja too, he refused to help them. So before he was possessed, Ronin reprogrammed his R.E.X. airship to take the Ninja to the Tomb…so he redeemed himself!

  • Our heroes reach the tomb, save Lloyd and recover their powers…but can’t stop Morro getting the Realm Crystal! In the final battle with the Preeminent, someone unlocks their true potential and “turns the tide”…who?

  • Correct. She accessed her ancestral Elemental Power and all but destroyed the Preeminent with a devastating water attack! Go Nya, NINJA OF WATER…