New Vehicles, New Battles!


  • The Ninja team has a new ride! Into how many separate vehicles does the Ultra Stealth Raider divide?

  • Correct! The Super Sonic Raider has been rebuilt and now splits into a helijet, drag bike and two tread bikes.

  • Zane’s new Titanium Ninja Tumbler has been attacked by a Nindroid with a jetpack! It’s out of range of his spring-loaded missiles…how does he pursue the bad guy?

  • Well done. Yes, Zane can climb into the aircraft attached to the rear of the Tumbler, but watch out, the Nindroid is armed with a Techno-Blade!

  • Cole’s new Rock Roader has the suspension to cross almost any terrain…and a drill to burrow through the rest! How many seats are there?

  • Right…although Lil’ Nelson is standing in his detachable turret, it still counts as two!

  • Former-enemy-turned-friend Ronin has been at Jay’s parents’ junk yard to recycle some scrap into the formidable Salvage M.E.C. It’s packed with features, but which of these IS NOT part of the mech? Look carefully!

  • Yes, no helicopter. Krazi and Frakjaw may wonder why Ronin has a skateboard but he has always won points for style!

  • Not all the Ninja Team’s new rides are mechanical! Lloyd has summoned his NRG Dragon in order to battle the Sky Pirates Doubloon, Bucko and Cyren. But where are the dragon’s stud shooters mounted?

  • That’s right! The stud-shooters are mounted on the dragon’s tail!

  • Meanwhile, in the Temple of Airjitzu, Lloyd and Nya are confronting Master Yang…how many Ghost Students can the Airjitzu Master call on to defend himself?

  • Yes! Two ghostly students of the ancient art haunt the Temple. Maybe Cole can help them?

  • While all that’s happening, Kai finds Zane languishing in Kryptarium Prison and has to break his Nindroid buddy out of his cell…unfortunately that releases other prisoners at the same time! Who has escaped?

  • That’s right, Kai was very careless!

  • When Nya, Jay and Echo Zane were defending the Lighthouse against Nadakahn and the other Sky Pirates, they were being helped out by a small friend. Tai-D dropped dynamite onto Clancee, blowing him into the hidden cell, but what is he?

  • Correct. Like Echo Zane, Tai-D was the creation of Dr Julien.