Nadakhan is a powerful Djinn and the last Djinn King. A Djinn is a magical being able to grant wishes, although in most cases they do not turn out the way the wisher hopes or expects. Djinns are not able to grant their own wishes, only those of others. Long ago, Nadakhan left his home realm, Djinjago, to travel to the NINJAGO® world, which resulted in his father disowning him. He became a feared pirate captain, raiding and pillaging with his crew on Misfortune’s Keep. He was infamous for his supernatural powers, which struck fear into the heart of villagers everywhere. Defeated by Captain Soto and imprisoned in the Teapot of Tyrahn, he eventually escaped and sought vengeance on the ninja for their unwitting destruction of Djinjago. His plan was to recreate Djinjago in the skies about the NINJAGO world, using land ripped from the planet. Arrogant, manipulative and cunning, Nadakhan rules his crew of pirates (later Sky Pirates) with an iron fist. He wields the Djinn Blade, a magical weapon in which he can trap the spirits of his enemies and make their power his own. Nadakhan feels a great deal of resentment toward the NINJAGO realm and the ninja due to the destruction of Djinjago. After Jay makes his final wish, Nadakhan ends up trapped in the Teapot of Tyrahn again.