“Mindroid” is a nickname given by General Cryptor to a small version of a Nindroid. Cryptor jokes that the manufacturing process must have run short of metal, which would explain Mindroid’s size. Mindroid is different from standard Nindroids in ways besides his height – for example, he is very sensitive about his appearance and quick to anger when insulted. Although miniature, Mindroid is still dangerous. The ninja would be smart not to underestimate this robot.

Mindroid was a small Nindroid. Bullied by General Cryptor because of his size, Mindroid acted like he always had something to prove. He could be more short-tempered and aggressive than other Nindroids because of this. Although he could not speak any words, his behavior made it obvious that he was very sensitive about his size. Mindroid was destroyed following the defeat of the Golden Master.