Bitten by the Great Devourer as a child, Wu’s brother slowly filled with evil to become Lord Garmadon, the arch nemesis of good ninja everywhere. When his son Lloyd defeated the Overlord, he was finally freed of the poison that flowed through his veins! Master Garmadon has now taken the oath of peace. He helps mentor the ninja, though his training methods are very different from Wu’s. Garmadon is a man of tradition and doesn’t like modern technology at all.

Evil mastermind Lord Garmadon is trapped in the Underworld, so he orders Samukai to find all four Golden Weapons. But when the four-armed skeleton king recovers them, he tries to take their power for himself, only to be instantly vaporized! This opens a portal to another realm, giving Lord Garmadon a possibility to escape. He knew that their power would corrupt even the most loyal henchman. This was his plan all along!