Kai's Techno Blades

Despite their name, the Techno-Blades are not standard weapons. They are not sharp-edged and are not designed for combat. Created by Cyrus Borg, the Techno-Blades were designed to destroy the Digital Overlord. They were capable of rebooting the Digiverse system and erasing the Digital Overlord from existence in the process. The Techno-Blades were also capable of hacking into vehicles' operating systems. When used by one of the ninja, the blade caused their elemental powers to sweep over the vehicle, changing its color to match that of the ninja. The ninja used these blades to take control of and transform vehicles during the fight with the Digital Overlord. Techno-Blades begin to glow in the presence of computerized systems.

Ninja Dojo
Elemental Blade
4.5 Bricks
Inventing Gadgets