The Djinn Blade, also known as the Sword of Souls, is the weapon of the royal house of Djinjago. Upon the realm’s destruction, the king passed it on to his son, Nadakhan. The sword has the unique power to trap spirits within its blade, allowing the wielder to use their life force to increase his own power. It holds the spirits of Nadakhan’s forefathers and all those who have fallen before the blade. Nadakhan set out to capture the ninja by manipulating them into making wishes that went terribly wrong. He eventually trapped Cole, Kai, Lloyd and Zane in the sword, along with Wu, Misako and Clouse (the latter three were originally trapped in the Teapot of Tyrahn, but when the Teapot is destroyed, their spirits travel into the sword). They were later freed from the sword by Jay.

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Elemental Blade
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