Capital of NINJAGO Island, NINJAGO City is a large urban area located near the Sea of Sand. Numerous ninja adventures have taken place here. Locations in the city include the NINJAGO Museum of History, NINJAGO Music Hall, NINJAGO City Square, Grand Master Dareth’s Mojo Dojo and the NGTV Building. A complex network of subway tunnels can be found beneath the city. After its destruction at the hands of the Overlord, it was rebuilt by the genius Cyrus Borg and became New NINJAGO City. It became a high-tech metropolis, a center of great technological advancements where everything was digitally connected. After the defeat of the Golden Master, the idea behind New NINJAGO City was discarded in favor of a more balanced environment. Today, the city is commonly referred to as NINJAGO City. A statue of Zane stands in the park, erected to honor his sacrifice in the battle against the Golden Master.

Ninja Dojo
Elemental Blade
4.5 Bricks
Inventing Gadgets