Quiz: Who’s In The Bag?

  • Thanks to a certain super hero, he is no longer an orphan in Gotham City. He has GREAT taste in secret disguises. He is always dressed to help his biggest hero.

  • She used to be one of Gotham City’s top scientists. She has teeth to die for. She often sees red, but is mostly black and white.

  • He is living proof of the power of classic, solid lipstick. You might not recognize him in his flattering orange asylum suit. He believes laughter is the best weapon in any crime.

  • Only über nerd fans will ever guess this one. He is probably the greatest adoptive parent in the world. He is not afraid of snakes, clowns or snake clowns.

  • Dick Grayson™ – no one ever rocked a reggae outfit like he does.

  • Orca™. Yes, she’s happy to eat – MEET – you, too.

  • The Joker™ ALWAYS has the last laugh. HA! See?

  • It’s great to be Lobster-Lovin’ Batman™.