Quiz: Who’s In The Bag?

  • Garmadon calls him “Four-Eyes”. While that may seem rude, this guy is still loyal to Garmadon. And he has an artistic way of showing it.

  • She’s the leader of the new dance revolution in the NINJAGO® world. She doesn’t like to fight unless she has to. No, actually, not even then.

  • When he says “chop, CHOP”, he’s not practicing Spinjitzu moves or other martial arts. He went to college with Garmadon. And owns a five-star business.

  • Despite being the worst warlord ever, he never grows tired of plotting to take over the NINJAGO® world. His latest pet/battle vehicle is a giant robot shark.

  • Her nickname is Koko. She’s a fiercely protective mother. And she’ll never reveal her waffle recipe to anyone.

  • A dedicated fighter who’s not afraid of subtle threats of being fired out of a volcano. Enjoys a delicious smoothie. Looks really good in blue.

  • You could say he was once literally the hottest name in Garmadon’s army. And he was lucky enough to live to tell about it.

  • This is the real brains behind Garmadon Propulsion Laboratories. Prefers to work in secret lairs, not unlike her big hero – a certain caped crusader.

  • Yes! You’ve got the instincts of a shark for sure!

  • You’ve got rhythm, young ninja. Well done.

  • Yes! You should see the reviews he gets…

  • Of course! Who else could pull off this awesome empire-building quest outfit?

  • Exactly. There’s more to her than meets even a well-trained ninja eye.

  • You know your enemies well by now. Well done!

  • Correct. He may still be on fire but that’s never stopped him before.

  • Correct! Wonder why her eyes are so big? It’s the volcanic coffee.