Winter Sports Building Challenge winners

There’s nothing like the thrill of beating the winter chills with outdoor sports that show off your skills! This past February, we challenged the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community to invent robots that can play (or help you play) Winter Sports!

We had many entries ranging from Skiing Robots, to ski lifts, to skating bots, and even a LEGO MINDSTORMS Hockey team representing all members of the MINDSTORMS Team (RCX, NXT, and EV3)!

We awarded three Winter Sports Robots GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE medals and awarded a fourth robot the JUDGES AWARD. Check out the winners and entries to the Winter Sports challenge by searching the tag "WinterSports" from the Robot Quick Search box on the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community page.

Here are the winners:

GOLD Medal Winner:

Sky a skiing NXT robot
Created by: DaveAndJoe

If you ever wondered if robots can ski, well this project from DaveAndJoe will answer that question! DaveAndJoe claim that this robot “seems to be one of my coolest ever,” and we couldn’t agree more! This robot CAN ski on REAL SNOW and like a PRO! This robot looks remarkably human as he speeds down the slopes adjusting himself to the terrain. If you really want to meet Sky in a super fun and cool way WATCH THE VIDEO! DaveAndJoe also explain how the robot works in the “additional information” section.

The MINDSTORMS team will warn you that LEGO MINDSTORMS Robots are NOT water resistant, so play with LEGO MINDSTORMS in the snow at your own risk!

Congrats on going for GOLD DaveAndJoe!

SILVER Medal Winner:

NXT Snow Tracker
Created by: MindedLegos

This All Wheel Drive (AWD) Snow Tracker can be BIG help in getting you through tough terrain for Winter Sporting fun! The NXT Snow Tracker has many options like taking off the tracks and replacing them with tires, and adding a snow plow and headlights! MindedLegos provides a lot of “additional information” to inspire you to build your own Snow Tracker!

Congrats on achieving the SILVER Medal MindedLegos!

BRONZE Medal Winner:

Created by: streamliners

This RCX Ski Jump launches LEGO Minifigures into the air, which produces a variety of Ski-Jump stunts! Perfect winter sporting fun, especially when a LEGO Minifigure does a full flip!

streamliners used the LEGO Robotics Invention System 2.0 RCX Code to program this Winter Sports creation and includes a screen shot of the Ski Jump’s program. streamliners also calculates the Minifigure’s Speed going down the jump! The speed is calculated by dividing the distance traveled by the time it took to travel that distance. For measuring the distance, streamliners used LEGO studs! For measuring time, streamliners used the RCX's Timer. Read more about about how streamliners designed and programmed the RCX Ski Jump on the EV3 Community page. A lot of “additional information” is included as well as a fun video!

Judges Award:

Hockey Team
Created by: SprinkleOtter

This project deserves special merit because SprinkleOtter assembled a dream robotics hockey team that includes all members of the LEGO MINDSTORMS team – past and present! The team consists of three robots: an EV3 Shooter, an NXT Defense bot, and an RCX Goalie. Please visit SprinkleOtter’s Hockey Team project page to read in detail about all three robotic hockey players on this Winter Sports dream team!

The MINDSTORMS Team were so glad to see these robots reuniting for some winter sporting fun! What will they do RCNXT? Or will they just play hokey foEV3r?


GO USA Bobsled
Created by: Drumdude2001

LEGO EV3 Ski Lift
Created by: masc2279

Created by: MINDSTORMS100

Keep Building LEGO MINDSTORMS Community and stay tuned for the next 3xciting challenge!