Soccer Bot Winner

This summer the World Cup was HOT and we challenged the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community to design soccer bots that kick! We saw robots that play offense, goalie bots, and robots that defend their hold on the ball using sensors and motor activated gates. Here’s the list of finalists the judges deemed worthy of awards. (See ALL the entries to this challenge by searching the tag "soccerbot" from the Robot Quick Search box on the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community page.

Here are the winners:

MVP AWARD: goes to the robot that displays the greatest potential as being the Most Valuable Player on the MINDSTORMS Soccer field.
Created by: JonesEV3
This SoccerBot can drive and shoot with the help of motors and a pneumatic pump. It can also "see" a custom created soccer ball with the help of an infrared sensor. This ability to detect the wherabouts of the Soccer Ball to capture it makes this robot an MVP!

ALIVE AND KICKIN’ AWARD: goes to the Soccer Bot that displays the most out of box thinking.
Created by: Ahmad_Alkhatib
This SOCC3R BOT moves fast to score goals, kicks with the help of a motor powered flipper, and that flipper doubles as a ball catcher for great defense! The robot is also designed to follow an IR beacon inserted into the ball. We think this bot and it's MINDSTORMS power works very well. This bot is indeed alive and kickin'!

WORLD CUP AWARD: goes to the Soccer Bot design that the judges deem deserve extra special merit.
BLUE STORM3R number 3
BLUE STORM3R number 5
BLUE STORM3R player number 8
BLUE STORM3R player number 9
Created by: willshev
willshev created five robots for this challenge! Each robot designed was improved as willshev kept building. We would love to see all of these robots playing together and taking note of the differences in the robotic players! This project indeed deserves special merit. GOAL for willshev!


GO Soccer Team
Created by: SprinkleOtter

Created by: roverrobot

Created by: bigschienejon

Created by: tiggerobot

Soccer Player EV3
Created by: JonesEV3

Keep Building LEGO MINDSTORMS Community and stay tuned for the next 3xciting challenge!