Art Bot Challenge Winner

We have had challenges for robots that play sports, robots that fight Nature’s Fury, and robots that can boogie. Robots can be beautiful as well as functional. That’s why we challenged YOU the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community to open up your artistic minds and create Art Bots! Users submitted scribblers, sculptures, and stunning robotic works of art! Here’s the list of finalists the judges deemed worthy of awards. (See ALL the entries to this challenge by searching the tag "artbot" from the Robot Quick Search box on the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community page.

Here are the winners:

ARTIST AWARD: This award goes to the Art Bot project that creates a work of art with its robotic mechanisms.
Failed picture builder
Created by: fou_de_lego

fou_de_lego claims this is a "failed" project, but the judges feel that this is a "Work in Progress." The Picture Builder is intended to build a picture “block by block.” This robot concept could rebuild any picture. We hope fou_de_lego continues to work on this project and we hope it will inspire others to create their own LEGO MINDSTORMS picture building bots!

WORK OF ART AWARD: This award goes to the Art Bot project that IS a work of art (example: a kinetic sculpture).
Art House
Created by: MindedLegos

There is more to this house than meets the eye! MindedLegos has "LEGO MINDSTORMED" ths house by creating a touch sensor enabled garage door opener and a light sensor enabled skylight that opens and closes depending on the lightness or darkness outside. There are also lights that go on in the house when it's dark out! A fun and creative work of LEGO art!

ARTISTIC APPRECIATION: This award goes to the Art Bot project that replicates or is inspired by a work of art.
Created by: DamonMM2000

SCRIBBL3 PAD is a MINDSTORMS EV3 replica of the popular Etch-A-Sketch toy! With SCRIBBL3 PAD, you can escape boredom by "drawing" using the two motor knobs. The left knob controls left & right, and the right knob controls up & down, just like the real one! You don't have to shake the SCRIBBL3 PAD to erase, you just press the enter button on the EV3 Brick, and the lines disappear!

JUDGES AWARD: This award goes to the Art Bot design that the judges deem deserve special merit.
Created by: willshev

No Art Bot challege would be complete without a sculpture! willshev's rotating LEGO TECHNIC Sculpture is indeed a work of Art! It is designed to look as if it is moving upwrad. We hope you like it!


Created by: lukeshev

Keep Building LEGO MINDSTORMS Community and stay tuned for the next 3xciting challenge!