MicroBot Building Challenge Winners

This past July we challened the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community to think BIG on a MICRO SCALE and work on creating LEGO MINDSTORMS robots that represent the world of Microrobotics. Micro-bots are growing in the fields of medicine, industry, and agriculture. The technology does not exist (yet) to shrink your MINDSTORMS kit to the micrometer range, but you can prototype robots that could exist on the micro scale, use a modest amount of parts, and help humanity. Check out the micro-robots created by the community by searching the tag "microbot" from the Robot Quick Search box on the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community page, and read about the MicroBots our panel of judges chose to profile here:

Here are the winners:

MICRO-SPECIES: This award is given to the micro-bot that represents an animal, bug, or insect and is designed to help humanity.
Micro Survey3r
Created by: thekitchenscientist
The Micro Survey3r is a versatile EV3 flying robot inspired by a dragonfly that can be used to carry payloads, help with damaged crops, and help track endangered species. thekitchenscientists (the Micro Survey3r's creator), imagines that the wings are solar panels which allows the batteries to recharge allowing the Micro Survey3r to carry out long missions.

MICRO-MACHINE: This award goes to a Microscale Machine designed to help humanity.
Created by: Orlando_2k
The QBot is an RCX cube shaped robot that can drive on 4 of it's 6 sides. It has 2 motors which drive wormgears which drive 24 tooth gears that are connected to chains with spikes. It also has 3 sensors: Two light sensors on the sides can track light sources no matter which side the robot is driving on and an RCX rotation sensor is used to detect when the robot flips sides using a pendulum. A swarm of microbot machines like this could help to find survivors in collapsed buildings or search for radioactivity. Orlando_2k includes a video of the QBot in action!

MICRO-VEHICLE: This award goes to a Microscale Vehicle designed to help humanity. (We are noticing a theme here…)
MicroSport 3Function Vehicle
Created by: DamonMM2000
The MicroSport has is a speedy EV3 remote-controlled Microscale Vehicle. It moves fast as it's function is to be a rescue vehicle! Great compact design DamonMM2000!

MICRO-MANAGER: This award goes to the Micro-Bot entry that is the most transformative, out of the box, is a strict follower of the building challenge rules, and of course helps humanity!
Created by: lama-mantis
lama-mantis wanted to make something that can help with healing diseases. So here is GammaBug, an NXT prototype non-invastive nano-robot that fights cancer. This robot can walk, and uses sensors to help navigate in the human body and fight the cancerous tumors. lama-mantis provides a lot of detail on the GammaBug MINDSTORMS Community Page, details about the robot design, details about how it fights cancer, and details about brain tumors. Exceptional robot and MINDSTORMS Community Page design lama-mantis! You are an inspriation to the MINDSTORMS Community!


Created by: Builderdude35

Created by: Didideyi

Created by: ev3rything_is_aw3some

Keep Building LEGO MINDSTORMS Community and stay tuned for the next 3xciting challenge!