Walking Bot Winners

March your way and seize the day! For the month of March, we challenged the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community to invent robots that can move with any number of “legs." LMS community members ran out and made animals, machines, and humaniods that can walk in new and creative ways. There were so many EV3, NXT, and RCX walking bots submitted to this challenge that it was tough to judge the winners! Check out all the entries to this challenge by searching the tag "walkingbot" from the Robot Quick Search box on the LEGO MINDSTORMS Community page.

Here are the winners:

HUMANOID Category:

C4PO the best companion
Created by: fou_de_lego

The C4P0 has been through many revisions to get this walking "humanoid" just right. fou_de_lego has three MINDSTORMS Community Pages dedicated to the progression of this project. This replica of the Star Wars legend is 60cm high. fou_de_lego calls him a house companion because he play cards and throw things in the trashcan. C4P0 uses 10 motors and 3 NXT bricks. Check out the video and all three project pages!

MACHINE Category:

Black Sparrow
Created by: BusterHaus

The Black Sparrow is an incredible walking machine driven by a minifigure pilot who drags his EV3 power behind him! We are not sure if this ship is inspired by Jack Sparrow, designed to be airborne, or designed for the seas. We do know it looks cool and has a smooth walking mechanism! BusterHaus provides a rocking soundtrack to the Black Sparrow project video and gives the MINDSTORMS Community a .pdf of building instructions so you can make your own!

ANIMAL Category:

Created by: DamonMM2000

This adorable P3NGUIN, a biped, walks with only one EV3 Large Motor! You can see how DamonMM2000 designed the walking mechanism by seeing the "additional information" on the P3NGUIN project page. There is also a video of this robot in action and a shout out to nxtstep101for inspiring DamonMM2000 to create this robot.


MUT v2
Created by: piett71

The MUT started out as a cat, and then morphed into a dog, and this second version of the MUT deserves special recognition from the LEGO MINDSTORMS team. This quadurped walks and barks and growls. We wonder what would happen if piett71 added a touch sensor on the head? Would the Mut sit or play dead? We love both the look (design) and fuction of this fun pup!


Created by: newhorizons1

The EV3 Biped Omega Rex
Created by: DaveAndJoe

Large Hexapod
Created by: Orlando_2k

Created by: MINDSTORMS100

NXT OmniQuadruped
Created by: Audiultra

Robo Huskey
Created by: MindedLegos

Keep Building LEGO MINDSTORMS Community and stay tuned for the next 3xciting challenge!