Holiday Helper Building Challenge winners

All work and no play around the holidays you say? You need a holiday helper bot to lighten your load, and brighten your day! This past winter holiday season, we were looking for robots that can help around holidays. We saw many gift delivery systems, Santa detectors, dessert helpers, drink mixers, and even cleaning bots. We could only pick a few winners, but there were MANY creative Holiday Helper robots made! Make sure to visit, comment, rate, and get inspired by all the entries by searching the tag "holidayhelper."

Here are the winners:

This award goes to the greatest helper bot of them all!
Santa's Express Courier Service
Created by: starship92
starship92 brings to you Santa's Express Reindeer powered Courier Service! This delivery robot with a motorized forklift makes delivering gifts easier for the man in red. The bot also exclaims: "Ho Ho Merry Christmas!" when the presents are delivered. We think this robot can also be repurposed to carry on other types of deliveries after the holidays, which makes it a both a great and versitile helper! This is starship92's first NXLOG project!

This award goes to the holiday helper bot that helps out in the most practical way around the home.
Santa's Super Sledge
Created by: killes_007
This little helper can be a BIG help around the home during the holidays by spreading some holiday sweetness and cheer (candy). Santa's Super Sledge has a NXT powered LEGO Rudolph reindeer that carries candy around the room by following a red line on the floor. This robot uses a light sensor to help it follow the line and an ultrasonic sensor to help it aviod collisions. It also plays jingle-bells! This is killes_007's second project on NXTLOG.

This award goes to the Holiday Helper bot that goes beyond your home and can help the community this holiday season.
Gift bringer
Created by: Robot_33
The Gift bringer is a great community helper as it is designed to deliver LEGO gifts to LEGO homes in a LEGO neighborhood! This robot detects the LEGO homes with the ultrasonic sensor and then makes its special deliveres! This is Robot_33's first project on NXTLOG!

Many robots submitted to this building challenge were not considered for awards becuase they were missing .rbt program files. Please don't forget to read the rules and award criteria!

Red Kettle Robo Ringer
Created by: dahlenan

Present Protector
Created by: keNXT

Food sender
Created by: Nightstalker1997

Whip Cream Server
Created by: Botdesigner

Robot that folds
Created by: DaveAndJoe

Santa's nightmare
Created by: Nightstalker1997

Christmas Tree
Created by: SuperSluether

Present Deliver V.1.0
Created by: Radiatordude