Icon Challenge Winners Announced!

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® has been an icon in the world of robotics for over a decade. With the release of the EV3 this fall we want to celebrate the accomplishments of the iconic NXT. We challenged NXTLOGgers to build a NXT robot that represents an icon - a model of a famous person, place or thing. NXTLOGgers took up this challenge and made their own inventions from famous cars, to toys, to robots from movies. We picked a few to highlight as winners but don't forget to check out all the robots submitted to this challenge by searching the tag: "icon."

Here are the winners:

This award goes to the entry that had the most creative twist on a famous icon. How did you make it your own?
Ultimate Biped (UB) NOW DONE!!
Created by: DaveAndJoe
This robot won the "Creative License Award" hands down. Bipeds are THE iconic robots - they are the closest representation to humanoids and what most everyone first imagines when you hear the word "robot." This biped created by DaveAndJoe is one of the tallest Lego Mindstorms bipeds we've ever seen. It's made out of roughly 1,500 LEGO parts, is 3ft (1m) tall, and weighs 6 pounds! Best of all this monster can WALK!!! The creators of this mighty machine include a video of this biped in action as well as close-up shots of its mechanisms. Congrats DaveAndJoe on the win!

This award goes to the entry that brings the icon to LIFE! How do you use motors and sensors and programing to make your icon a real mover and shaker?
R2-D2 an NXT astromech droid
Created by: AREM2326
R2-D2 is a LIVING LEGEND! AREM2326 was inspied by the Ultimate Collector Series R2-D2 to assist with the placement of small details as well as the general shape for R2, but this NXT verion is NOT a direct copy. R2-D2's head features both a touch sensor (located beneath the top dome of the head) and color sensor (located in front next to the the holoprojector). The idea behind the touch sensor was that in the Star Wars movies C-3P0 sometimes whacks R2 on the head and AREM2326 wanted R2 to be able to "feel" if someone whacks him. The color sensor takes the place of the status display allowing R2-D2 to express his mood. It can also function as a color detector or a light for the holoprojector. R2-D2's body houses the NXT brick and 3 servos. The middle "foot" includes the US sensor and small wheels to give R2 more stability. Check out the video AREM2326 includes on the NXTLOG to see this icon in action! May the force be with you AREM2326!

This award goes to the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Icon project that best documents the icon’s importance in our history.
Created by: lama-mantis
History is being made right now in the world of robotics with the release of LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, and EV3RSTORM will be an icon! What better way to celebrate this icon than with an NXT vesion! Great concept lama-mantis! On this project's NXTLOG you can build your own NXT EV2RSTORM by downloading the LEGO Digital Designer file. We wonder if someone will also invent an RCX version? EVRXSTORM? RCXSTORM? You decide! Thank you lama-mantis for celebrating the evolving LEGO MINDSTORMS history!

Many robots submitted to this building challenge were not considered for awards becuase they were missing .rbt program files. Please don't forget to read the rules and award criteria!

Rock'em Sock'em
Created by: JoeyPaulAgabiti

Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots
Created by: legoboy2562

Volkswagen Beetle
Created by: megaboost1000

2 m long snake
Created by: fou_de_lego

Created by: GerardAV

An Icon of Me
Created by: jtg007

AT-AT Walker
Created by: hunterbots
DRAGONS-Ironfury 2.0
Created by: hunterbots

Vending Machine
Created by: LegoboyCS
Created by: vk001