AdventureBot Challenge Winners

Have you ever wondered if your robot wanted to go on an adventure what it would it be? What obstacles would it encounter? What discoveries would it make along its way? We asked NXTLOGgers to build an NXT robot and its adventure! There were many all terrain vehicles, maze bots, animal bots, and just adventurous bots submitted to this challenge. See the winners and honorable mentions below and don't forget to check out all the robots submitted to this challenge by searching the tag: "adventurebot."

Here are the winners:

This award goes to the entry that has the most creative and adventurous story and course!
Walker - Behemoth X-3
Created by: Xander454
Even though this proejct was a last minute entry to this challenge, it got the judges thinking, "Is there anything this adventure bot can't do?!" Xander454 claims that the Walker - Behemoth X-3, "Can conquer any terrain you can throw at it." It sure looks like it can. There are top-mounted electronics to allow it to wade over water (the LEGO MINDSTORMS team recommends that you keep your bots AWAY from water). There is also an independent suspension on each leg for a smoother ride, a jointed front section for steering, a swivel joint on the axle to provide power to all six legs, a color sensor so you can control it with colored flashlights if needed, an ultrasonic sensor for collision avoidance, a cargo deck with crane, and more! This is Xander454's first project on NXTLOG and 1st NXTLOG building challenge win. Congrats!

This award goes to the entry that shows the most logical route through the adventure.
Time Travel Race
Created by: mmmilfred
mmmilfred made an adventure race game for time traveling minifigures. What makes this project earn the Logican award is its logical game play. Players toss a blue or green ball to make their LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT motor car move. The more each colored ball is detected by the color sensor, the more the car moves. How logical! This is mmmilfred's second project on NXTLOG, and congrats on your first win!

This award goes to the robot that is the most flexible when interacting in its adventure. This robot can change course if needed based on interactions with its environment.
Maze Solver 1.0
Created by: etlrr13
The Maze Solver 1.0 does just that, follows a homemade maze with the assitance of a touch sensor bumper and obstacle detecting color, light, and untrasonic sensors. The sensors enable this robot to change course if needed based on its interactions within the maze. etlrr13 includes clear pictures, programs, and an LDD file of this compact and efficient maze solver. This is etlrr13's 3rd project on NXTLOG and congratulations on going with the (program) flow!

This award goes to the robot project that provides the most information for NXTLOG users.
Air Racer 2.0
Created by: MindstormsAddict
The Air Racer earns the Documentation Award because MindstormsAddict posted three versions of this work in progress bot. Check out all three NXTLOGS that MindstormsAddict has posted on the Air Racer, documenting its improvments over time. What makes this adventure bot fun is the fan at the back - it gives this little bot some really big speed! For a well documented NXTLOG and for the spirit to never stop improving, MindtsormsAddict earns the Documentarian Award!

Many robots submitted to this building challenge were not considered for awards becuase they were missing .rbt program files. Please don't forget to read the rules and award criteria!

Created by: Timur-1234

Girraffe Explorer
Created by: 1-super-lego-man

Created by: legoninja812

chest finder
Created by: oh4321