Summer Fun Building Challenge Winners Announced!

Fall is here, but this past summer was so much FUN! And NXTLOGgers not only had fun in the sun, but with building NXT robots too! There are robots that play ball, serve drinks, keep you cool, and even start a radio. We could only pick a few winners, so be sure to visit, comment, rate, and get inspired by all the entries by searching the tag "summerfun."

Here are the winners:

This award goes to the robot that helps you stay cool and quenched.
The Dunk Tank
Created by: Tared4
What can keep you cooler in the summer than a dunk tank! This one made by Tared4 is constrcuted COMPLETELY out of LEGO! A colored ball contraption and color sensor are the dunk tank's trigger mechanism. Very clever and COOL! Congrats Tared4.

This award goes to the robot that will help you keep playing outside safely and comfortably.
Tennis ball picker upper
Created by: huntsinator3000
This award was a tough one. Does this robot fall under the Just Chillaxin' or the Great Outdoors Award? But the judges decided this is an outdoorsy bot, becuase you want to grab the tennis balls this bot collects to begin playing again. We want this bot for our next game on the courts. Great work huntsinator3000!

This award goes to the robot that helps you chill and relax.
read from
Created by: kidier
This is the ultimate chillaxin' robot and one we agreed we all want on the beach. The "read from" bot just turns pages of a book for you (at your command), but it also looks like it can hold down pages for those breezy days by the bay. Thanks for helping us chillax kidier!

This award goes to the robot that makes us oooh and ahhh as you would at a summer fireworks show.
Created by: ganesh314
When the judges created this award category we were dreaming of a fireworks show, but this robot really got us ooohing and ahhhing in a different way, when you oooh and ahhh during a back massage! This robot's tire padded back and forth arm movements looks like it helps one really relax after a long day of fun in the summer sun. We want one! Great work ganesh314.

Many robots submitted to this building challenge were not considered for awards becuase they were missing .rbt program files. Please don't forget to READ THE RULES and award criteria! Some of the contenders are honorably mentioned here, as well as projects that DID follow all the award criteria!

NXT Bob-it
Created by: sam9423

'250ml Drink Bottle Opener'
Created by: sparra_mc

paper plane lancher
Created by: kidier

Created by: seahorserobot

Light show robot
Created by: shotgreen999

automatic water pourer
Created by: agastyab

The Water Fan
Created by: astrofalcon