Utility Bot Challenge Winners Announced!

The idea of having several tools in one small, portable unit dates back to Roman times. We asked NXTLOGgers to take this idea to the future and incorporate robotics into the ultimate multi-purpose tool! The winning robots in this challenge do many jobs as compact units. We could only pick a few winners, so be sure to visit, comment, rate, and get inspired by all the entries by searching the tag "utilitybot."

Here are the winners:

This award goes to the robot that does the biggest job while taking up the least space.
Swiss Army Claw (S.A.C)
Created by: wcowlin1
The Swiss Army Claw (S.A.C) has tweezers, a lego piece remover, and a flashlight. A tools in this unit are able to flip out and retract in again with the touch of a NXT button. This is wcowlin1's second project on NXTLOG. Way to go wcowlin1!

This award goes to the robot that uses sensors to help do multiple jobs in creative ways, that make sense!
Three in one PET-bot
The Three in one PET-bot is a dog, a cat, and a fish all in one! This robot makes use of the color sensor and ultrasonic sensor to sense visitors and react as different animals. Making the use of sensors here... just makes sense! We love the idea that you can have three pets in one. Mom, can I have a pet... robot?

This award goes to the robot that not only does many jobs, but is artfully designed.
3 in 1 Lego Cleaner Bot
Created by: orypo
This beautifully designed compact floor and carpet cleaner has an amazing a system of rotating LEGO brushes from a LEGO car wash set! orypo, the robot designer wanted to make this 3-in-1 cleaner as compact as possible. In the end, the result is very satisfactory! Congrats orypo!

This award goes to the robot that not only creatively does many jobs, but does them efficiently.
Ultimate on the Hand Bot
Created by: Botdesigner
The Ultimate on the Hand Bot can be worn on the hand and has six different functions in one compact unit! It can turn on lights, be a electric hammer, shoot as a toy lazer gun, act as a flashlight, play sounds based on colors, and open bottles! This is Botdesigner's second project on NXTLOG and we hope to see many, many, more innovative projects coming our way from Botdesigner's creative robot lab.


Dental Bot
Created by: KeNXT

Washerbot3000: Version 3.1
Created by: legofreak3291

Created by: ARK87