LEGO® MINDSTORMS® meets bingo

Get robo-bingofied with this new bonus model!

Now you can play bingo in a new way and with no risk of anybody cheating – only the Lotto Bot will know what the next number will be.

The Lotto Bot was designed and built by Eric Steenstra from the Netherlands. His idea originated from Anika Brandsma’s bingo duck that she brought to LEGO World in Copenhagen, in February 2012.

Eric wanted to design a robot that could do the same as Anika’s duck, but built using only one NXT 2.0 set. He succeeded and now all of us have the possibility of playing bingo in a new way.

So go on – build, and gather your friends and family for a game of bingo.

Download the Building Instructions
Download the Program

Get to know Eric Steenstra and why he loves building LEGO MINDSTORMS

In 1999, the LEGO Robot Invention System was the first thing I ever purchased online. Since then I have been building with LEGO Robotics. In the village where I live in the Netherlands, Duiven, I’m part of a small group of LEGO MINDSTORMS builders, who have contributed to a lot of great projects for different events and exhibitions. The biggest thing we have made is the Highbay Warehouse (video) controlled by 28 NXTs. It took us more than a year to get it working. We always go into the extreme. In size, like the 3 meter high Ferris Wheel (video). Or conditions like the "NXT-xans" (video) underwater excavator. Or we build to explain extreme conditions such as the Rosetta's Comet Touchdown (video) were LEGO MINDSTORMS was used to explain the landing of a spacecraft on a comet. There was even a movie on how we created the Lander (video).

I always want to build things that have never been done before, using only standard LEGO bricks that can be purchased by everybody. Speaking about it at all kinds of exhibitions, such as LEGO World in the Netherlands and Denmark, or like Mr. Mo, the robot that presented the Grand Prize at the Google Science Fair 2011.